About Us

CONSTANTINE/ RENAKOSSY creations can be described as clothing that provides a remarkable appearance through strong visual impact and are designed with a focus on sustainable and ethical local production.

Our products are designed based on long-term trends and built to last. This is one way that we, as designers make sure that we care about the environment, this is why we focus on resourceful and sustainable production. We only create products made-to-order and on-demand production. Being able to control the whole process, starting from design, pattern-making, sampling and production allows us to develop high quality products, where a lot of thought is given to every detail and functional/technical aspects of a garment. We are concerned about waste, pollution and have a strong sense of responsibility towards the environment and clients.

CONSTANTINE/ RENAKOSSY is an independent designer label founded by the designer-duo: Constantin Băbeanu and Renáta Rákossy, established in Transylvania, Romania, Eastern Europe, in Cluj-Napoca, as an in-house activity and with our collaborators.

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