ensō 15

The cyclical pattern of flowing time is the main source of inspiration for the collection. Historic recurrence, the symbolism of endless knot, outline the concept of ENSO F/W15 collection. As a spiritual practice and symbol of cyclical, self-repetitive pattern, Enso describes enlightenment, strength, the void and the universe itself. As a minimalist shape, with a vast mythological representation in different cultures it is an important referential element of this collection, which features the endless knot as a graphic element. The pieces are created with different -traditional and cutting edge- techniques, such as digital print, laser-cut textures, dry felting /applique and TR technique. There is a fusion between historical symbolism, spiritualism and futuristic elements.

Photographer : Dan Cristian Gocan
Models : Daria Blanariu, Alecusan Alexandru
Hairstylist: Dragos Liss
Make-up: Diana Salanta
Special Thanks to CASA TIFF, Vestige – Centre Ville