alluō 16

„ (the currents) wheel the creation of the living planet. When the Sun is strong and the currents melt to  the surface , an astonishing phenomenon occurs. So gigantic that is visible from space: a blooming, an explosion of life. This life which appears is called plankton –floating life. (Planet Ocean, 2012)
„Alluō” – alluo suggests the idea of floating, drifting on water, being washed by waves. The prints of the alluo collection are inspired by the space shots of the plankton bloom phenomenon. The color tones underline this attachment to the natural environment. The simplicity and fluidity of the pieces evokes harmony and purity, concepts that humanity should be constantly aware of.

Photographer : Daniel Robu
Models : Daria Blanariu, Alecusan Alexandru
Hairstylist: Dragos Liss

Special Thanks to Vestige – Centre Ville