imago 15

The collection is entitled “Imago” and its main inspirational source is the metamorphosis of the Death’s-head Hawk-moth. The prints of the collection are based on the texture and shape of this mythological motif: the moth with the “skull”. The acherontia moth is a spiritual symbol  and  appears as an element of duality that links the two worlds: the Living and the Dead. Therefore the chromatic palette is black and white(completed by a few pastels inspired by the wings of the moth) and can be associated with the concept of light-darkness, Yin&Yang,
good-evil, life-death.

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Photographer : Dan Cristian Gocan
Models: Daria Blanariu, Alexandru Alecusan
Make-up : Lidia Gligor
Hairstyling: Dragos Liss

Special thanks to Silvia Suciu