subimago resort 15

The collection is inspired by the dramatic, yet fascinating natural phenomenon the “blooming of the river”, a sublime illustration in European mythology of the last stage of the ephemeroptera. The uniqueness of these aquatic insects lies in their last stage of metamorphosis, when they become a fully winged terrestrial adult, the subimago. The resort15 collection is the extension of the IMAGO SS15 collection, inspired by a similar concept. The cruelly beautiful dance of the insects  which takes place above the water, and lasts only for a few hours describes the atmosphere of the collection: the water, the reflections, the transparency of the wings, the lights and movements are captured in the textile prints and fabric associations.

Photographer: Emil Costruț
Model: Daria Blănariu
Hairstylist: Dragoș Liss
Make-up: Lidia Gligor